Brand Management

Adventive Brand Management

We can help bring structure, purpose and order to your entire brand management system, including how your company and product sub-brands interact with each another.

Our experts can also assist you with establishing your brand equity and monitoring any changes to this financial asset in the marketplace. And, most importantly, we can build ongoing brand management programs with Integrated Marketing Communications tools.

  • Brand Architecture
    If you have many product brands, sub-brands, competing brands, acquired company brands or other multi-business components that have resulted in confusion, disarray and conflicted messaging, Adventive can create a brand hierarchy that makes sense.
  • Brand Equity & Measurement
    Up to 70% of a company’s market cap has been attributed to the value of intangible assets, the main component of which is your brand or brand portfolio; through effective brand management, Adventive will help you establish your brand equity and monitor this asset as you seek to grow it.
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