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Adventive Webinars and Podcasts

Great ways to engage your potential customers and begin an active dialogue with them.

Advances in online conferencing, Webcasting and MP3 and media player technology have made it very easy to host Webinars and podcasts. Whether you produce these “events” on your own or in collaboration with a publication or other outside organizations, they are outstanding methods of presenting deep messaging and beginning an active, social dialogue between you and your customer base. They also represent a pretty good means of generating lead response.

Key elements to producing successful Webcasts and podcasts include:

  • Subject Matter Selection
    As with any presentation, success or failure ultimately rests on the degree to which your topic resonates with your audience. Adventive is well-schooled in developing and testing topics to assure strong response and customer participation.

  • Pre- and Post-event Communication
    Obviously you need pre-event promotions to build attendance, but post-event communications are just as important and often overlooked.

  • Event Production
    “Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?” Even if you have the best subject matter available, a dry, one-way presentation will have attendees dropping off in droves. Make sure your presenter is dynamic, your presentation materials are lively and you maintain user interaction throughout the presentation.

  • Measurement
    It’s not only important to measure marketing ROI for the event, it’s also vital to measure user satisfaction with the event itself.

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