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Adventive Social Media Management

We Create the “Buzz” Without Getting Caught Up In It.

Using various online platforms, such as blogs, professional and social networks, video and photo sharing, wikis, forums and related Web 2.0 technologies, we share your messaging/information among your various stakeholders. We can also monitor your brands and the brands of your competitors to keep you apprised of the volume and tenor of the “conversation.”

  • Blog Strategy & Support
    Knowing a blog is only effective if it’s posts are frequent and relevant, Adventive will work with you to develop the strategies, guidelines and resources necessary to keep your blog vital.

  • Video Strategies
    Adventive realizes that video is only an effective communications tool when it is used to meet specific communications objectives.

  • Social Site Support (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
    As social media sites continue to develop and flourish, Adventive can help your team create the policies and guidelines by which you and your employees actively participate in the dialogue without sacrificing your company’s message.

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