White Paper: Lead Nurturing and the Role it Plays in Sales Development

Lead Nurturing and the Role it Plays in Sales Development

Lead nurturing will not only make your sales team more efficient by letting them focus on qualified, “ready-to-buy” leads, done well it will also your boost bid-to-win ratios and average order size.

Conversely, lost opportunities not only represent significant
revenue loss for the sales organization, they also diminish the
return on marketing’s investments.

This white paper demonstrates that traditional systems for lead generation and sales follow-up are inherently broken and offers a step-by-step guide to fixing them.  The first step is to get your sales and marketing teams working together to define the rules that guide your lead qualification process and generate the content that will help drive it.  Topics include:

  • Chasing leads — the process is broken
  • The benefits of lead nurturing
  • Best practice steps to developing an effective lead development, qualification and nurturing process
  • Establishing robust content creation and offer strategies
  • Evaluating and selecting a marketing automation vendor
  • And monitoring and improving the system over time

Click here to download a free copy of “Lead Nurturing and the Role it Plays in Sales Development.”



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