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Company Messaging Strategy – Telecast Fiber Systems

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Telecast Messaging Campaign -- Fiber Optics In ENG/SNG White Paper
Telecast Messaging Campaign -- Fiber Optics In ENG/SNG White Paper
Telecast Messaging Campaign -- Broadcast Engineering Lead Generation Program


Telecast Fiber Systems’ video, audio, and communications systems are used worldwide by TV networks, teleproduction companies, sports venues, and various private, educational, government, and military organizations to extend range, simplify cabling, and reduce labor costs and setup time. To help increase their presence in Electronic News Gathering (ENG) /Satellite News Gathering (SNG) applications, Telecast was looking to create a messaging strategy that was focused on the primary benefits a customer is seeking when selecting an ENG/SNG system.  The messaging also needed to be easily adapted to all marketing communications - brochures, product descriptions, Web sites, sales presentations, public relations and advertisements, etc.


To begin the messaging strategy process, Adventive teamed with key Telecast marketing and sales executives to conduct an extensive Price/Value Mapping exercise. Based on the results of this session, a Message Brief containing three key messages with three supporting facts and three customer benefits was created. After validation of the messaging, a value proposition statement and an elevator story were prepared.

Telecast launched the new messaging with a guaranteed lead, white paper promotion program in Broadcast Engineering.  The campaign exceeded the lead generation target by more than 30%.


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