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Brand Identity - Cherry Corporation

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Cherry Corporation - Logo (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Catalogs (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Trade Show Booths (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Trade Publication Ads (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Washable Keyboard Banner Ad (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - POS Family Banner Ad (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Targeted E-mail (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Data Sheets (Brand Identity)
Cherry Corporation - Direct Mail (Brand Identity)

Creative thinking not only applies to logos, fonts, and content creation. Often the ability to help large organizations articulate their brand identity is as important as any execution plan or roll out.


Cherry had four different divisions—each “doing their own thing” regarding the Cherry brand identity. When we were first awarded the account, we proposed the development of a company-wide brand identity, but Cherry saw no immediate need. That is, until the company president attended a global key account meeting with his division managers and was struck by the array of business cards and literature. Cherry looked like four different companies!

While the president wanted a new company-wide look, he was also well aware that the German division was intent on its brand identity—and particularly its color scheme.


Over the course of the next several months, we utilized research on the affect of various colors upon individuals plus we examined the current state of design, typeface and color acceptance in both Germany and the U.S. This research increased our understanding of some of the color and design issues we might face in Germany. Armed with this information we visited the German facility to discuss the task at hand and to solicit their input. Once a spirit of understanding and a willingness to work together was established, we entered into the design phase.

Through the virtue of our discussions—and the creation of a design that included some of the German division’s most cherished elements, but in a far less spectacular way—we were able to create a look that all parties could agree on.

A brand identity manual, an update of the Web site, a corporate brochure, new stationery and business cards and direct mail soon followed.





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