Case Study

Marcom Strategy - Cat Logistics

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To succeed you must leave no stone unturned. With its inside/out approach Adventive ensures that a product rollout hits the mark.


To extend Cat Logistics’ service offering by increasing awareness of its products and services and to avoid the competitive pressures associated with responding to RFPs for logistics services. Also to create a key message that works in tandem with the Caterpillar brand, yet emphasizes Cat Logistics’ supply chain services.


Conducted extensive research across all levels of Cat Logistics’ organizational structure and performed a comprehensive SWOT analysis to develop an effective integrated marketing communications strategy that would foster mutually beneficial relationships among Cat Logistics’ internal and external publics. The strategy involved the targeting of “C” level officers and directors within prospective client organizations and offered a higher level business solution that would allow organizations to save money, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance shareholder value.


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