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Content Marketing Campaign - Extricom

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To re-brand a product or service you need to wade through and evaluate all that’s been done before and then develop a strong going-forward strategy that is both clearly defined and ubiquitous.


To introduce/define a re-branded wireless networking solution.


We launched the content marketign campaign with a Webcast and podcast entitled “Top 8 WLAN Problems and How to Solve Them.” These presentations were housed and promoted by TechTarget, an industry web site geared toward IT. To help promote the Webcast/podcast we utilized a segment of TechTarget’s email list, supplemented by internal lists and purchased lists. Additionalo content was developed for the launch, including: a sales brochure, four product data sheets, four white papers, a users’ guide and two service-related brochures.

Promotions included a full page print ad, banner/skyscraper ads, an e-newsletter and several press releases. One-on-one editorial interviews were conducted with technology experts at a key industry show, and the new system won two product award contests we entered.

All inquiries were directed to our Wireless System microsite—which housed all relevant product/service information, including the Webcast/podcast. We also developed an extranet that allowed product warranty registration and featured sales information and PowerPoint® presentations.


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