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Brand Management - Belden Electronics

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Often a solution’s simplicity belies the fact that the path to reaching it is paved with the need for a comprehensive understanding of a client’s markets.


Belden is a leading manufacturer of wire & cable for a variety of markets, including networking/ communications, entertainment, security/alarm, industrial and residential. As such, there occasionally develop challenges related to brand identity cohesion as Belden continues to improve and expand its product offerings.

As a case in point, Belden’s Entertainment Group used a sub-brand (Brilliance®) for its video cables, then as the brand became more known/revered in their key markets they extended the brand to include new audio cables. When looking at the entire line of audio/video cables the question then became: Why are some products Brilliance cables; while others are not? Are Brilliance cables a superior offering?


Our recommendation was to rewrite the brand charter and extend the brand over the entire audio/video offering, using the Belden Brilliance logo on the cable jackets and utilizing the brand logo in a significant way on all promotions. This facilitated consistent use of the brand and increased awareness at key targets such as broadcast studios and sports venues (since they specify and use both audio and video cables).


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