New Product Launches

New Product Launches

If you launch a new product in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound?

It sure does if we’re around.  From OEM components and manufacturing equipment to state-of-the-art lift trucks and networking solutions, Adventive knows how to get your products and services noticed.  Using any combination of the following, we’ll make sure each of your new product launches is a success.


  • Product Differentiation and Messaging
    We understand that launching a me-too component is very different than a fully-integrated solution, which is why we work closely with our clients on product positioning and message development that sets them apart from the competition.
  • New Product Launch Kits
    Before you introduce your product to the market, we’ll help you introduce it to your sales and distribution team with supporting collateral, sales guides, sales presentations, market and competitive information and promotional plans.
  • Media Outreach Programs
    Adventive delivers your news to the right publications, while generating written and video content from an editor’s perspective.  Avoiding the fluff, we give them the thought leadership, technology, market and product information that’s needed to make an impact in your target markets.
  • Print & Online Advertising
    Our integrated media programs are designed to meet your product branding and lead generation objectives.
  • Trade Show Support
    Obviously, many new product launches are timed to coincide with trade shows, so let us help you create the buzz you’re looking for with pre-show promotions, booth graphics and demonstrations, press events and editorial meetings, on-site promotions and social media activities.
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