Sales "Funnel" Management

Adventive Sales Funnel Management

Don’t just fill the funnel with names. Fill it with people who are ready to buy.

We’ve all been reading a lot about “filling the sales funnel” lately. Times are lean and sales teams are hungry for leads. But filling the funnel with the names of people who are not ready to buy will only serve to frustrate everyone involved, including the potential customer! This is why we believe marketing funnels should be utilized in conjunction with sales funnels to capture incoming leads and nurture them to the point where they become fully actionable.

  • Sales Lead Processing & Management
    We work with our clients to develop lead management and lead nurturing programs that provide immediate customer response and long term cultivation.

  • KPIs and Metrics
    Designed to monitor the progress of leads as they flow through the funnel and evaluate the various messaging strategies and communications tools being used.

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