E-nurturing & Cultivation Programs

Adventive E-nurturing and Cultivation Programs

You spend a lot of money generating leads. You can’t afford to ignore the ones that aren’t ready to buy today.

It’s estimated that, on average, 80-90% of the leads BtoB marketers generate are not ready to fully engage. This does not make them “bad” leads. It just indicates they are on the front end of their buying process. Eventually, as many as 70% of them will buy. The question is, will it be from you or your competitor?

Adventive’s lead nurturing programs are designed to maintain contact with your leads as they proceed from information gatherers to fully-engaged sales opportunities. Throughout this process, leads are further qualified as additional information is provided and a dialogue begins. It’s more than just sending a monthly e-newsletter to your marketing list. It’s creating lead scoring systems and messaging paths to guide the process. Deploying industry-recognized best practices coupled with a powerful marketing automation system, we are able to monitor the prospect buying process, provide relevant information at the appropriate stage and turn over qualified leads to sales at the most opportunistic time.

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