Web 2.0 Strategy & Site Development

Adventive Web 2.0 Strategy and Site Development

Achieve Brand Ubiquity Across the Web 2.0 Marketplace.

Adventive has been developing client web sites for many years, which we now leverage to optimize web presence and brand ubiquity for our clients. In addition to brand site and microsite development, we utilize SEO, SEM, blogging and other social media activities to accomplish this. And, of course, we measure this from A to Z to demonstrate results on your customized Web Presence dashboard.

  • Web Site Design & Development
    Our web development projects entail strategic planning for the entire Web site, as well as for every page. We focus on the structure and navigation, then create a design that works with your company’s brand personality or corporate identity system. We can utilize Content Management Systems and incorporate SEO and social media, such as blog posts.

  • Intranets & Extranets
    We have worked with our clients to help them reduce the costs and resources associated with managing various administrative functions by creating Intranets for company employees. The Extranets we create become resource- and news-rich Web sites to support our clients’ channel partners with asset and knowledge sharing, design or technical assistance, special events, promotions, etc. These sites are enhanced with database programming for member list and profile management, sales activity, applicable price levels and other benefits conveyed by our clients.

  • Microsites & Special Purpose Pages
    We generate many landing pages and microsites for special purposes. Landing pages are often used to fulfill advertised offers and solicit further interaction with a prospect. We use a variety of offer strategies to accomplish this and generate sales leads. Other microsites are created to promote a specific content area or message the client desires to convey and can contain a whole variety of functionality, content, offers, etc.

  • Custom Web Applications
    We often find that custom web applications are perfectly suited for marcom or sales programs. For example, a sales force uses our real-time database program to identify the status of their customer account on the Internet, or they plan how to set the most appropriate sales strategy based on the selection of certain variables. Or, we have developed calculator tools, such as a Total Cost of Ownership Tool that helps one client sell their premium-priced product.

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