White Paper: Writing a Convincing Case Study

Writing a Convincing and Highly Credible Case Study

Case studies come in all sizes and shapes—everything from a video presentation, to a simple one page problem-solution document devoid of any graphics, to a comprehensive report rich in detail with a wealth of photos, illustrations, charts/ graphs and customer quotes.

Whatever the content depth, case studies remain one of the most effective sales tools in the marcom arsenal, clearly demonstrating appropriate use of your products and services and, by their very nature, offering candid endorsements by your customers. As such, they are unsurpassed in their ability to bring instant credibility to your company and its products, particularly if the company is an industry leader and/or the product or service has had a significant impact on their business.

This white paper offers a road map to uncovering case studies that will support your marketing objectives and demonstrate value to prospective customers.  It includes:

  • Tips on getting support from the sales team and an outlined process by which your stories can be “nominated.” 
  • Instructions on effective ways to develop a complete and highly credible “problem/solution” storyline. 
  • Suggestions on increasing the readership of your case studies and optimizing their reach and impact.

Click here to download “Writing a Convincing and Highly Credible Case Study.”



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