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Adventive White Papers and Case Studies

Effective means of generating lead activity while also demonstrating thought leadership and the successful application of your products, technology and service.

White papers have evolved into one of the most widely used offer strategies in B2B marketing, and for good reason. Done well, they provide valuable information to your customers and inherently position your organization as a thought leader in the marketplace. Done poorly, they come off as an infomercial and build resentment. The key is to stick to the issues and leave the sales pitch for later.

Similarly, case studies are worth their weight in gold. Customers and prospects love them because they demonstrate your product or service will work in their application. Your sales team loves them because they lend instant credibility as they try to penetrate a vertical market. And finally, editors love them because they make interesting features for their magazines and Web sites.

With a strong editorial background and a team of proven technical writers spanning all our Practice Areas, Adventive Marketing stands ready to craft successful white papers and case studies on your behalf. From there, our Advertising Services and Public Relations teams will work in unison to maximize their market reach and lead-gen results.

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