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Thought Leadership Program – Belden

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Belden Industrial Ethernet Press Coverage
Belden Industrial Ethernet Publication Email Blast
Industrial Ethernet Thought Leadership

Good thought leadership content and a properly executed PR outreach program can create a buzz that will permeate the right audience.


Belden wanted to be positioned as a leading authority on industrial Ethernet technology using just two cost-efficient vehicles to get their message across: a rather small lead generation program and traditional PR methods. 


To achieve their objectives, we first developed a brochure for the company’s sales force (downloadable at its website) which included test data on the efficacy of Belden’s networking components in a variety of industrial applications.  Other content included both a white paper and a Webinar that compared the stresses of a commercial vs. industrial environment and the potential effect of the two environments on networking hardware.  We made the white paper the offer in two guaranteed lead programs (with Automation World and Control Global) and received a total of 1,341 North American leads at an average cost of $32.68 per qualified lead.  The content was then recast and placed as feature material in top industry trade publications such as IndustryWeek, Control Engineering,, Industrial Networking, Plant Engineering, Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Industrial Ethernet Book and ECN – with a potential reach of 500,000 readers.


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