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Vertical Market Branding Campaign – Belden

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Vertical Market Branding -- Education Ad
Vertical Market Branding -- Houses of Worship Ad
Vertical Market Branding Campaign

One of the keys to maintaining a leadership position is to capitalize on new markets and channel opportunities as they emerge.  


To reinforce Belden’s leadership position among contractors and installers of commercial audio/video and security systems, particularly within several new and emerging markets.


Belden had long enjoyed a leadership position among traditional electrical contractors and commercial A/V and security system installers, but as several new markets began to emerge, gaps began to appear in their coverage.  Recognizing the use of increasingly sophisticated audio/ video and security systems among houses of worship, educational facilities, casinos and correctional facilities represented significant growth potential, we developed vertical market branding campaign positioning Belden as the leading supplier of cabling and connectivity products for these applications.

Fractional, 4-color ads were developed for each target market, each utilizing a clean, consistent layout for immediate recognition.  The use of fractional formats provided a great deal of flexibility with the media program, allowing programs to be run within targeted horizontal and vertical publications.  Within the horizontal titles, the individual markets ads were scheduled to alongside related market overviews and case studies.

Based on the program’s success, the original 6-month campaign was expanded and extended to two years, successfully reinforcing Belden’s position among its traditional installers while also attracting and engaging a new base of installers serving the target verticals.


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