Case Study

Re-branding Campaign - Belden

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Re-branding is one of the more complicated challenges to any marketing effort. Knowing what to let go, what to bring with, and what to create anew is key. 


To re-brand “Belden,” a company known primarily as a manufacturer of wire and cable, now offering connectivity products, wireless networking capabilities and industrial switches and connectivity.


The re-branding process included qualitative research to define the current Brand Essence and quantitative research to measure Brand Position and Attributes. Analyzing the data, we developed a number of potential Brand statements and logos which were Focus Group tested and reviewed with the Belden Executive Team.

Next an Identity System/Manual was produced for use worldwide, banners/posters were developed for all Belden companies and announcement emails were sent to all Belden stakeholders.

The final stage of re-branding included the revision of all marketing and sales materials to reflect the new identity.





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