LinkedIn Is Getting More Interesting

Ok, you may have already known this, but I didn’t.  I admit I tend not to think of LinkedIn unless a group discussion pops up in my email, but LinkedIn now allows us to track changes/updates made to specific company profiles.

Here’s how it’s done: just look up the company you want to follow and on the top of their listing (right side) you’ll find a Follow Company button.  Click it and select the developments at the company you’d like to know about — and that’s it!  In fact, I started following a company as I am writing this – which, I believe, makes this an interactive blog post.  Hmm… well, at least I’m a multi-tasker.

The company updates will inform on profile changes made, new hires (or departures), promotions within the company, etc. – and you determine via the Notification Settings what information you want to receive and how often you want this information delivered to you.  

This new feature seems especially important for job seekers, but it also allows you to see who else is following the company. (Is someone at your firm following a competitor?  How stable is your competition — are strategic people leaving?)  And, if a key specifier of your product is following your die-hard competitor, should you try to find out how keen his/her interest is?
You can also share video on LinkedIn.  You just use LinkedIn’s Slideshare application and then go to the Upload page.  Once the video is uploaded, you’ll go to a video page where you can share the video on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks.  I haven’t used this yet, but I will.  

It looks like there are more and more ways to link in every day!


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