Our detailed planning process, SmartMAPSM, allows us to fine tune the information gleaned from SmartPULSESM research into effective strategies and tactics resulting in a road map to success.

To create a SmartMAP comprehensive marketing communications plan, we perform due-diligence on all corollary activities, specifically aimed at three tasks:

  • The development of a branding platform, including messaging and positioning to leverage competitive advantages.
  • The development of overall objectives and strategic recommendations.
  • The creation of recommendations that integrate digital and traditional marketing tactics for a seamless, results-oriented lead generation effort.

Given their scope, our SmartMAP plans often reach beyond the realities of a single budget year.  Because of this, we work with your team to evaluate and to prioritize strategies, tactics, and budgets. From here, a timeline of all tactical plans and budgets is produced, with all ongoing statistics and results delivered throughout the campaign.

Stats and measurements are presented in our SmartCHARTSM phase.

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