Sales Leads Still Top Challenge for B2B Marketers

In a study just released by Marketing Sherpa, lead-related issues continue to dominate the minds of B2B marketers.  Nearly 70% of all respondents indicated that generating high-quality sales leads is one of their greatest challenges; 35% are also challenged to generate higher volumes of leads.  Part of this need to push more numbers through the sales funnel may be a reflection of a lengthening life cycle.  Nearly 40% of all respondents indicated marketing, or nurturing, targets along this cycle is one of their biggest challenges, particularly due to a growing number of people becoming a part of the buying process (33%).

What does all this mean?  It simply reinforces the need for more B2B marketers to implement some sort of an integrated lead development and nurturing program into their marketing mix.  Sales doesn’t just want more leads.  They want better leads.  Living, breathing prospects that have a need for your product in the near future.  The only way to make this happen is for marketing to work with sales to develop a lead generation and nurturing program that is based on a solid lead scoring system and a message development platform that is in synch with the customer’s buying process and informational needs.

If you are wondering how your lead development activities stack up to today’s best practices, AMI can provide a quick, no obligation diagnostic review of your program.  Just drop us a line or give us a call.


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