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Using Social Media for Competitive Research

Not entirely sold on the merits of social media as a marcom tool? You certainly aren’t alone. Despite the press it’s getting, a lot of B2B marketers are still searching for meaningful ways to integrate social media activities into their marcom programs. Like any new medium, it will take a period of trial and error, wins and losses, to determine which marketing objectives are well served by social media tactics and which aren’t.  In the meantime, there is one area where the use of social media is a bit of a no-brainer; competitive research and tracking.

Six Steps to an Effective AdWords Program

Sometimes us agency folks get so used to doing what we do that we lose perspective on what others are (or are not) doing.  I was recently presenting some ideas to a prospective client and included a Google AdWords program to help them expand their reach beyond their traditional customers into competing technologies.  As I went further, it became apparent they weren’t at all familiar with how a pay-per-click (PPC) program works.  So, for their benefit and perhaps yours, here are six quick steps to integrating PPC into your marcom mix.  

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