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Belden - Logo (Technical Documentation)
Belden - NASA Application Report (Technical Documentation)
Belden - Digital Studio Cable Guide (Technical Documentation)
Belden - Lucas Oil Stadium Case Study (Technical Documentation)
Belden - Industrial Market Microsites (Technical Documentation)

Continual reinforcement of a brand’s differentiators is critical to good marketing—and a core strategy that Adventive brings to every engagement.


To reinforce Belden’s position as the trusted market leader as broadcast and audio engineers began to shift their studios from analog to digital signal transmission technology.


As television, radio and post-production facilities began their massive shift from analog to digital transmission; it became increasingly important and challenging to select the proper cable and connectivity at the earliest stage of studio design. With the new technology came dozens of digital formats from which to choose, and an increasing amount of confusion among the engineers responsible for the transition.

To help engineers better understand the technology and ease the digital cable selection process, we created a Digital Studio Cable Guide. The Guide included a detailed discussion of the issues associated with the new technology and a complete listing of Belden’s products. Now in its sixth edition, the Guide has been hugely popular among the engineering community and has served to reinforce Belden’s position as the undisputed leader in audio and video cable technology.


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