A Change in Attitude: Blending Traditional PR with PR 2.0

When I talk to myself these days (and let’s hope I’m not alone in this), I no longer think that “the ‘right’ media must pick up my news release…they just have to understand how relevant this news is to their audience (and to me).”  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m less serious (read: obsessive) about my work these days, it’s just that I have a new PR 2.0 attitude.  In the past, I’d wail about a key publication that passed on the news I offered, but today I acknowledge that trade media isn’t my one and only audience – it isn’t even my most important audience – because I can actually get my news in front of buyers whether the media picks it up or not.  

It’s downright liberating.

So when I send a news release today, I first admit that only a few media will pick it up – even though it is relevant to their audience – because my news is not typically ground-breaking and, let’s face it, I’m not Microsoft.  But what I can do is use PR 2.0 tactics to build my releases for optimum web presence. That is:

* I can build my “on page” keyword strategy (which is said to constitute about 25% of SEO)
* I can develop an “off page” inbound link strategy to increase search rank (constituting the remaining 75% of SEO)
* I can increase the release’s ability to be found through distributed content

I’m still learning how to do this most effectively (and I bet you are too).  Previously, I thought that researching one or two keywords and using them in the headline and 1st paragraph were the rule, but I find that I should also provide “anchor text,” or keywords that serve as an anchor to the page title of a target page on my web site.  And, (who knew), it’s important to include links and keywords in the boilerplate and have at least one URL link in my document.  

I can then post the release on my web site – and, if appropriate also as a blog post.  This makes my news open to my RSS feed and my email subscribers.   

I can also maximize my distribution strategy by using a wire service that allows links with anchor text – not all of them do – and I can use my “usual suspects” trade media contact list for added assurance.  Because I still want to get some press coverage.  The trade media definitely has a role to play here, and they are valid avenue to getting my news seen.  However, they are no longer the only game in town.


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