Simply Stated: Get a Good Tagline

Taglines can (and should) say a lot about you in just a few words. 

My favorite tagline is “Get a Mac.”  Because I’m one of the junkies that can’t wait until the iPad comes out.  And using this tagline implies that there is no explanation needed. Once you “Get a Mac” you will never get another PC.  

Then there’s Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” And McDonalds “I’m lovin’ it.”  McDonald’s seems to be pretty good at staying current and connecting with their audience.  I’ve discovered a few new musicians and artists just listening to the jingles.

Even movies have famous lines that became taglines.  Remember “You can’t handle the truth!” yelled by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  Or how about “Ditto,” stated by Patrick Swayze in Ghost.  My husband’s favorite is ‘Trust me I’m a Jedi’ from Star Wars.  He says it all the time.

According to a study [source] in 2000 from Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, the most memorable contemporary advertising slogan is Allstate’s “You’re in good hands” (which was developed in-house in 1954).  The two-part study identified and ranked the top 30 ad slogans and then measured if people could correctly identify the brand, product and company behind each slogan.  

“What stands out for consumers is simplicity, creativity and longevity,” they said. “The more targeted the words and message and the longer running [the] slogan, the higher it ranked.”  Allstate still uses “You’re in good hands” today.

Health plans and pharmaceutical companies spend lots of dollars on branding and their taglines.  Can you remember any of them off the top of your head?  Do they resonate with you?  Can you remember the jingle?  If you can’t remember the tagline, will you remember why you should choose them?  As transparency is implemented in the coming years (that’s another topic for later) many health plans, hospitals and even some doctors will need to make a case for ‘choose me,’ and price may not get them there.  So don’t think sitting around the water cooler or the copy machine (or I guess now your laptop) gives you the experience you need to develop the most memorable tagline for your company.  This isn’t 1954.  Give us a call.  We can help!  Trust me, I’m a Jedi.




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