Can Anyone Do Social Media?

The misconception about social media in the B2B space is that it is basically “free.” (Which also seems to imply that anyone can do it.)

While it’s true that it can cost very little in terms of marketing expense, social media requires some distinct expertise and a strong time commitment. It’s relatively simple to “listen” to the conversations taking place via social networking, but to drive a viewpoint to a specific audience and build both traffic and viable communities requires hardwired communications skills.

That’s why professional/PR communicators need to be involved. They know how to “sell the brand” without the “sell” and how to keep content flowing and fresh. They are experienced in developing a brand through a thought leadership messaging strategy and exercising that strategy consistently over time.

They know how to structure a campaign, create the rules of engagement and effectively distribute content across multiple channels and then measure the results of their efforts.


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