Still Listening…

Having spent a lot of time “listening” and interacting with social media experts, and being engaged in social networking sites both personally and on the behalf of our agency, we’re now ready to engage on behalf of our clients. The time spent has been considerable and will continue to be so, but we’re convinced that the benefit to our clients should also be demonstrable.

Our agency has launched our new search engine optimized web site, we have defined our target audience(s) for our new blog and our e-newsletters, and a number of us in the agency are posting to our blog. We are also LinkedIn, Be-Twittered and Digged…to name a few.

If you’re just getting started in the listening game, we’d suggest using Google Blogsearch and social networking sites like Technorati and Twitter for your company, brand or competitor searches. And the best way to organize your searches is Google Reader.

Check it out.


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