The Cobbler's Kids Are Finally Going to Get Some Shoes

For too long now, Adventive Marketing has been guilty of not practicing what it preaches. While we’ve been working hard to develop and implement integrated branding and lead generation programs for our clients, we’ve ignored our own marcom needs. We let our Web site sit stagnant for too long. Our marketing materials grew dated and ineffective, and our “database” became little more than a holiday card mailing list. Cardinal sins we preach against to our clients every day.

Well, that’s changed this year. As business conditions tightened this year, we took our own advice and decided to reinvest in the company. For the past six months, we’ve taken whatever downtime we had and used it to enhance our service offerings. We’ve always prided ourselves on providing leading-edge capabilities to meet our clients’ objectives, and as we enter a new era where Web 2.0 and Social Media options represent an additional suite of tools we can draw from, we bring more to the table than ever before.

Starting in November, you’ll see a whole new Adventive Marketing Web site. On it, you’ll be able to find out a lot more about us and what we do. We’ll have articles, white papers and blog posts on topics we feel are critical to improving your marketing efforts. We hope to provide a spot where you can not only come and learn something, but also engage in a dialogue. Selfishly, we hope to learn from you too.

We look forward to seeing you again in November!



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