What Makes a Good Email Subject Line?

One of the critical elements in a successful email marketing campaign is the subject line. Often overlooked by marketers, a good subject line can oftentimes double or even triple open rates. Here are some factors to consider for developing a good subject line:

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice
While a gimmick subject line may get your email opened the first time, it may only serve to alienate your audience once they discover that the subject line doesn’t match your brand’s voice. Stay true to your brand and create a subject line that tells your audience exactly what you are offering.

Identify a Need…Solve a Problem
Make sure the subject line clearly communicates the content of the email. Your email is more likely to be opened if the subject line identifies a prospect’s need or solves a possible problem.

Advertise” your Company
Even if a recipient never opens your email there may be some residual effect while it sits in someone’s inbox. An effective subject line that promotes your company may cause the recipient to potentially take another form of action (like visiting your website).

Maximize the First Two Words
Eye-tracking results show that a reader tends to focus their attention on an email in the form of a “Golden Triangle” with the upper left corner (where the subject line resides) forming the right angle. As a result, the position of the angle makes the first two words of the subject line the most important for catching your prospect’s attention.

Follow the Rules
False, fraudulent or misleading subject lines can cause CAN-SPAM issues while some words may cause your email to be sent immediately to a recipient’s junk folder. Running your email through a certification service is a sure-fire way to help eliminate possible deliverability issues.


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