Dimensional Mailers Really Do Increase Response Rates

Earlier this year, our client, Belden launched a new line of fiber optic connectors. To promote the product, we created a sample kit and then deployed a series of print and online events to drive traffic to a landing page where the kit could be requested. Given parity in the marketing spend, many would have bet the online events would significantly out pull the print events.   But much to our surprise, this is what really happened:

How Did You Hear About Us?  (Response %)

  1. Print Direct Mail  (24.8%)
  2. Online Ad  (23.3%)
  3. Sales Referral  (20.5%)
  4. Print Ad  (14.7%)
  5. Website  (12.9%)
  6. Email  (3.4%)
  7. Other  (0.04%)

Yes, that’s right, Print Direct Mail out pulled everything else. And the reason why? We opted not to use a traditional direct mail package and went with a dimensional mailer instead.  Long recognized for increasing response, dimensional mailers invite immediate interest, resulting in what every marketer wants to have happen…getting the piece opened and getting it read.

In Belden’s case, we opted to take our campaign message of “Fool-proof Fiber Termination in Just 5 Seconds” and couple that with a visual representation of the three steps it takes to terminate a fiber. We applied the messaging to a three-panel, pull-out mailer (one for each step) and included the sample kit offer. The dimensional mailers were sent to a purchased list of 7,500 names and 521 respondents (or 6.9%) requested a sample kit. With these results, I think it’s safe to say that we achieved our goal of getting the piece opened and getting it read!

Care to learn more about the entire marketing campaign? Click here to read our case study on Belden’s new product introduction.


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