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The Power of Effective Landing Page Design

With the insurgence of Inbound Marketing, the landing page, or the page a visitor arrives at after clicking on a link, has literally taken on a life of its own.  As it turns out, the content and layout of your landing page design is likely to be just as important to lead conversion as the offer that initially generated the click-through response.

Message Maps: A Key Step In Effective Branding

Message Maps

One of the initial steps in the branding process is creating a message map. Recently, we’ve been frequently turning to a rather simple mapping document that has proven to be invaluable for steering messaging discussions in the right direction.

Dimensional Mailers Really Do Increase Response Rates

Earlier this year, our client, Belden launched a new line of fiber optic connectors. To promote the product, we created a sample kit and then deployed a series of print and online events to drive traffic to a landing page where the kit could be requested. Given parity in the marketing spend, many would have bet the online events would significantly out pull the print events.   But much to our surprise, this is what really happened:

How Did You Hear About Us?  (Response %)

Five Easy Steps to Sustaining Customer Relationships

I spent last weekend in Galena, Illinois with 11 of my 14 college girlfriends. This was the 20th year we have gone away for a weekend together…which is rather remarkable in itself. On Saturday night, we gave my college roommate (who was unable to attend) a call. She’s an avid reader of the Adventive Blog, so one of the things we discussed was possible topics for my next post.  Imagine my surprise when I checked my Blackberry the next morning and found an email from her (at 1:07 am, no less). Here’s what she said:

Provocation-based Marketing: Are You Up For a Challenge?

While meandering through the backroads of Wisconsin over the Fourth of July weekend, my husband and I found ourselves listening to WGN Radio, as that was the only station that had a clear enough signal. One of the guests on the John Williams Show really caught my attention.  His name was Michael Girts, an account executive at Leo Burnett

Going Green for Business

Just about everybody I know, knows that I am a knitter.  I took it up as a hobby about five years ago and since then have turned out more shawls, scarves, socks and sweaters than I, or my checkbook, care to admit.  My most recent project is another sweater…but this time I’m making it from an eco-friendly combination of hemp and cotton.   Which got me to thinking…what are some of the things we can do in our work lives to promote eco-friendliness?  Here are few ideas.

Email Metrics: Resources That Make Reporting Easier

When reporting email campaign metrics to our B2B clients, we invariably get asked, “How do my results compare against industry averages?” or “What’s a unique click-through?”  Here’s a look at a couple of the more popular resources we use to answer these questions.

E-books: Changing the Way We Read

For the past few months, I had been debating whether to purchase an e-reader.  My only hesitation was whether I could get past the tactile experience of reading a printed book.  I am also a frequent visitor to our local library, so that too had me a little skittish.

What Makes a Good Email Subject Line?

One of the critical elements in a successful email marketing campaign is the subject line. Often overlooked by marketers, a good subject line can oftentimes double or even triple open rates. Here are some factors to consider for developing a good subject line:

Playing Nice in the Marketing Sandbox

During these recessionary times, many B2B marketers have cut back their marketing spend on traditional tactics (i.e., print advertising, sales collateral, public relations, trade show participation, web site development, etc.) and placed the bulk of their budget in online marketing. Specifically, email marketing is seen by many as a pretty profitable tactic especially when compared to its print-based counterpart.

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