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New Product Introduction – Belden

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Is print dead?  Or, do you just need to know when and how to use it?


The challenge was to generate interest within the contractor community for Belden’s new Brilliance® Fiber Optic Connector. The offer was a sample of the product, but the campaign had to hit just the right notes to draw the audience in — and then once they received the sample, entice them to buy the product via a rebate offer.


We created a visually-oriented campaign message of “Fool-proof Fiber Termination in Just 5 Seconds,” showing installers how the connector could be installed in three steps…and in less than 5 seconds. Then, we applied the message to a number of promotions, each time offering the product sample and taking the respondent to a landing page to fill out the sample registration form.  The campaign consisted primarily of a dimensional mailer which was sent to a purchased list, a full-page ad in key industry publications, online ads on publication websites and e-newsletter sponsorships.  Since the product was officially introduced at an industry trade show, an in-booth contest was held.  In addition, collateral materials, press releases, trade show graphics and web pages were created to help further promote the product.

The 3-month new product introduction campaign, in total, resulted in 4,655 visits to the landing page (impressions), 2,115 completed registrations, or 45% of visits (conversions), at a cost of $80.38 per registered sales lead.  The highest percentage of leads (24.8%) came from the dimensional mailer; the runner-up was the online ads which garnered 23.3% of the total sales leads.


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