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Event Promotion - Belden

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Belden -  CD and Insert Card (Event Promotion)
Belden - On-Site Banners (Event Promotion)
Belden - On-Site Welcome Poster (Event Promotion)

Events are a great way to interact with potential customers, but to achieve the desired results, the event promotion must be perfectly geared to the target audience, expertly planned and executed.


Promote the Belden CDT brand among IT Managers for high-end computer networking solutions (cabling & connectivity). Leverage a partnership with DuPont, for added credibility and to enhance the Belden CDT brand. Fill a minimum of 50 seats at each of 15 local seminars held throughout the U.S. and Canada.


The event promotion consisted of a variety of tactics to gain maximum reach and response.  We conducted multiple email blasts from key trade publication lists, promoting the seminar content and soliciting registrations. Sponsored key trade e-newsletters; conducted a Google AdWords program in each seminar metropolitan area during the promotion period; built a microsite to present the seminar information, including a registration form with database. We also designed the following: an event logo and graphic identity for all seminar materials, PowerPoint® templates, name badges, evaluation forms, participation certificates, pull up banner display systems, signage, CDs and thank you cards.

The event promotion campaign resulted in an average of 56 attendees per event—12% over the requirement.


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