Case Study

Messaging Campaign - Belden Enterprise Group

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The more diversified a corporate product identity becomes, the more comprehensive and organized the marketing direction must be. Successful brand strategy and measured marketing activity are the keys to staying on target.


To develop a messaging campaign strategy that would emphasize the edition of several new products to an already extensive Belden product line. Also to bundle these products and create synergy that would benefit their enterprise customers.


In-depth interviews with key Belden personnel, a detailed competitive analysis and a rigorous series of bench tests led to the development of an effective messaging campaign platform. The concept of Total Enterprise Networks™ accomplished the messaging objective and clearly defined the program elements. Sales tools including a sales brochure, Web site, white paper and sales presentations were developed to educate the market on key technical issues and demonstrate the various applications of Belden’s Total Enterprise Networks. PR initiatives included press releases, an editorial contact campaign, and press meetings.


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