Natural Ranking – How to Boost Lead Generation at the Lowest Cost

Search advertising has become such a huge industry that many Business-to-Business companies are either unaware of or have forgotten the cost effective way to gain additional leads based on organic product and service searches.  Pay-Per-Click or Pay-For-Performance models have seemingly buried the notion of exhausting natural ranking efforts first.  The latter term describes methods used to get your website ranked for targeted key phrases in search engines.
Our firm checks the keyword search positions for companies on an ongoing basis, and it’s astounding to see how many don’t pay attention to their natural keyword rankings.  Or, if they do, their efforts appear to be fragmented and the results are not very impressive.  Don’t companies want to maximize the value of their search marketing program?  Do we really need to remind businesses of the search traffic on Google?  And since the cost of leads referred to websites from search engines can be dramatically lower than any other marketing tactic, shouldn’t companies want to capture them?

The way you design your website represents just 40% of the way your site is ranked for any particular key phrase.  The remaining 60% is determined by how many keyword-rich backlinks you establish for your site.  You may need to pay a marketing firm to help you establish and build search results for your keywords and phrases by employing their Natural Ranking services, but you don’t pay Google, Yahoo, Bing or anyone else for a great search position once you’ve achieved it – you don’t pay for clicks!  So Natural Ranking is the most cost-effective approach to take, and should be your first priority when it comes to search marketing.

And the fact that 90% of searchers click on natural ranking (organic) listings before anything else should cause you to sign on immediately with whatever Natural Ranking service you can find!  

This may all seem like common knowledge, and yet too many B2B marketers aren’t doing anything about it.  If you need further convincing, consider your missed opportunities – that is, the searches conducted on product relevant keywords where your company does not appear among the search results at all, or appears after page one (essentially a non-effective position).  Reviews of missed opportunities by various business-to-business companies generally number near or beyond a million!   Apply your sales funnel metrics to this – there are a significant number of new opportunities and new customers that are being missed.  How long are you going to keep missing them?

Everything is clearly measureable with Natural Ranking – positive keyword advancement from current positions, percent advancement, and other metrics are easily tracked and reported to obtain a regular and ongoing view of the progress you achieve.  

The Natural Ranking services you pay for are labor intensive.  This is often the reason companies have such poor showings for their keyword positions – they don’t have the time or resources to get the job done correctly.  Others don’t know how to do it.  In either case, consider using a Natural Ranking service.  Because there is full accountability and disclosure, you’ll know what they can deliver before too long.  With the right keyword strategy, page one rankings ARE achievable! 

Natural Ranking really is the most cost-effective search marketing strategy you can undertake.


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