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Website Development -- Jeron Electronic Systems

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Being versed in Content Management Systems gave us a leg-up on this company’s website revamp request. The company’s markets served (primarily healthcare, education and security) also dovetailed our experience, enabling a shorter site design and navigation planning process.


Jeron exclaimed that their website was outdated and content changes with their current developer were both expensive and laborious.  They wanted a revitalized, reorganized site that employed ‘best practice’ SEO functionality and they wanted the ability to maintain the site themselves.  Easy enough, but they also wanted the over 100-page new site to go ‘live’ within a demanding 45-day time frame.


We prescribed a Drupal Content Management System since it offered easy maintenance, built-in SEO capabilities, and the ability to serve up content as desired via a relational database.  We also designed the look/feel of the site, along with a new site structure and navigation.  Our training and the use of administrative interfaces enabled Jeron personnel to load the content onto the test site themselves, while we serviced their questions/needs throughout the page load process.  When all content was uploaded, we proofread and functionally tested the site before it went ‘live’.  We met Jeron’s aggressive deadline – no small feat — and remained on-call as they became fully acquainted with troubleshooting any problems that might arise and as they added SEO monitoring to their in-house capabilities.


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