ProMat 2011: Six Things You Can Still Do to Increase Booth Traffic and Generate More Leads

ProMat is next week, but there are still several things you can do before, during and after the show to maximize your show ROI.  Here are six easy ways to increase your booth traffic and generate more leads.

Take Advantage of the Show’s Free Marketing Tools

From customizable e-mails to show directory listings to online video spots, ProMat offers exhibitors a variety of free support tools to announce your participation in the show and invite attendees to your booth.  Learn more here.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Promotions

Taking advantage of ProMat’s social presence represents a great way to expand your own.  Join and participate in their LinkedIn group.  Post to their Facebook page.  And use the #promatshow hashtag on Twitter.  It may be the best way of all to expand your reach.

Develop a Compelling Message

Simply telling people you’re going to be at the show won’t bring them to your booth.  You need to give them a compelling reason why they should do so.  There are more than 700 companies exhibiting.  What do attendees stand to gain by coming to see you?

Keep Things Fresh Throughout the Show

Run daily promotions.  Arm your team with Flip Video™ camcorders and post updates from the show floor.  Make them informative instead of just promotional.  Have fun finding ways to interact with attendees!

Include QR Codes On Any Booth Graphics or Printed Matter

QR Codes can bring static media to life.  Use them in creative ways to let people know what is happening in your booth or to provide more information to those attendees who grab your materials but keep walking.

Ask an Expert

Not sure how to capitalize on all these free opportunities?  Give us a call.  From message development to promotional support, Adventive Marketing has been helping clients in the Materials Handling and Supply Chain Logistics industries maximize trade show ROI for more than 20 years. We’d be happy to help you too!


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