Pharmacy co-pay? Sorry, no App for that!

The other day I loaded the Solitaire App on my iPhone.  It was recommended from a friend who is pretty much addicted to this App.  I’m not a ‘gamer’ so I was very reluctant to dowloand anything that remotely compared to a game. I have important Apps on my iPhone, like Facebook, Twitter, Cardstar, OpenTable and others.  But I didn’t want to be a party pooper as we were sharing mobile Apps that we both enjoyed.  So I went ahead and downloaded Solitaire, the free version of course. And now every time I pick up my iPhone I have to keep myself from flipping to the last screen to play a quick round.

But I don’t feel guilty.  I read somewhere these types of games keep the mind fresh.  And other mind challenging games like crossword puzzles and Sudoku are supposed to keep your mind from ‘aging.’  

But many businesses are jumping on the ‘App train’.  For instance, I can check my voice mail and television schedule at home using my Comcast App.  I can load all my grocery, bookstore and other club cards on my CardStar App so I don’t have to carry them on my key chain any more.  I can even find and reserve a seat at a restaurant on OpenTable in a matter of minutes.  

But when I search the App Store for programs to tell me how much my drugs will be when I get to the pharmacy, I can’t seem to find anything.  There’s Epocrates that tells me everything I need to know chemically, but nothing about the price at the drugstore using my pharmacy co-pay card.  I mean it can’t be that complicated.  The pharmacist tells me in about…well, it depends on how long the line is.  I just think a CoPay would be a nice App to have.  Especially for families with children or caring for aging parents.

The IMDb App knows every movie starring Richard Gere.  And Fixster knows where every movie is playing by zip code.  I guess the health care industry just wants us to keep our minds fresh.  No need for crossword puzzles any more, just keep trying to understand your health care benefits.



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