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When you have a winning product that solves user problems, you can create a winning awareness and lead generation program.


Belden’s Industrial Group wanted to fortify its position as experts in the provision of industrial Ethernet signal transmissions by offering information on two issue-related themes:  network security and the use of redundant signal transmission paths to help eliminate downtime.  In each case, Belden’s devices – firewall/VPN and managed switches – were relevant to the solution, but not the ‘stars’ of the information. 


To generate leads among factory automation and design engineering professionals, we developed webinar programs around our two themes with Summit Media’s AutomationWorld and DesignWorld.  Gary Mintchell, AutomationWorld’s Editor-in-chief and well-respected veteran of the industry, served as moderator for both sessions.

The programs were built to generate a guaranteed number of North American leads.  International leads were also generated, but did not count toward the guaranteed total. The programs included a variety of promotional elements to build attendance and viewership before and after the live events. These included a print ad announcing the event, custom e-mails, e-newsletter sponsorships, banner ads and sponsored links on the respective sites, telemarketing, social media support and a custom microsite.  After the live event, the webinars were also archived on the publication sites for 12 months.

To extend our reach further, we developed white papers on the two topics and placed them on all industrial sites that would house them free-of-charge.  We also developed three articles to date in key industrial trade publications.


Six months into the program, we have exceeded the targeted North American lead total by more than 15%, while also reinforcing the Belden brand and expanding their thought leadership position in the industry.


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