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Public Relations Campaign - Jungheinrich

Case Study Samples (Click to Enlarge): 
Jungheinrich - Logo (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Green Brochure (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Testimonials and Tri-fold Brochures (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Microsite (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Green Campaign Skyscraper Ad (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Green Campaign Banner Ad (Public Relations Campaign)
Jungheinrich - Trade Show Booth (Public Relations Campaign)

Often PR success is measured in how many plates can be kept spinning in the air. But it’s not only the spinning, but the fine tuning of each public relations campaign that determines the winning strategy.


To get the editors of logistics-related trade media (and their audiences) up-to-speed quickly on Jungheinrich’s entry into the U.S. market and introduce them to their state-of-the-art electric lift trucks.


We kicked off the public relations campaign by hosting a press event featuring a mini trade show and one-on-one meetings with Jungheinrich principals. The event was promoted through a series of e-mails and telephone calls emphasizing Jungheinrich’s commitment to the U.S. market, the superior engineering of their vehicles, their attention to ‘green’, and the opportunity to spend quality time with Jungheinrich’s management. All key editors/publications—over a dozen of them—attended the event, relationships were forged, the event was well covered in the press, and a steady stream of news and articles followed.


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