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Product Launch – Mallory Sonalert

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Mallory Sonalert Product Launch Ad #1
Mallory Sonalert Product Launch Ad #2
Mallory Sonalert Product Launch Ad #3

Mallory developed a premium line of audible signal devices for use in consumer electronic products, but was faced with stiff competition from off-shore manufacturers offering lower cost, less versatile devices.


New markets/applications needed to be investigated and pursued for Mallory’s devices – applications that would benefit from a robust product design that offered more diverse signaling capabilities, including custom tones and custom mounting/termination configurations.


Based upon new market research, a full marcom plan was developed, specifically targeting municipalities (for traffic signal use – with a chirping go/no-go signaling capability for blind people at a crosswalk) and as an alarm for industrial equipment and devices where the product’s higher decibel range and its ability to perform under adverse conditions such as temperature extremes and humidity made it particularly applicable for the environment. The plan included ads that specifically targeted these markets; high quality collateral, including market-related brochures and a product catalog with comprehensive performance data; and press releases and feature articles that targeted both the design books and the chosen markets. 


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