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Wheels Inc - Ad (Press Meetings & Event Management)
Wheels Inc - Direct Mail (Press Meetings & Event Management)

As industries evolve, target specifying groups often move from one area of a customer‘s organizational chart to another. When this happens, you not only need to adjust your sights, you also need to adjust your messaging and offer strategies.


To direct the company‘s fleet management marketing communications initiatives to a new target: C-level individuals (CFOs) at Fortune 500 companies.


The strategy we developed and executed revolved around an industry trade show which targeted these new, influential buyers. Deliverables included:

  • An ad that dealt with fleet issues from a C-level perspective. This ad appeared in show issues and show guides.
  • A pre-show direct mail campaign to show attendees—also touting the financial benefits of Wheels‘ service offering
  • A breakfast table promotion for a well-attended trade show event
  • A belly band around the Wall Street Journal—delivered to trade show attendees at their hotel
  • An ad reprint in the trade show registration kit
  • A game that we developed specifically for the trade show that was geared around transportation. This unique game was offered in the ad as a give away item if the show attendee completed a fleet assessment/qualification form at Wheels‘ booth.

The results? The inquiries exceeded Wheels‘ qualified lead goal (leads that resulted in meetings) by 300%!


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