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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - Adventive Marketing, Inc., a unique team of Internet marketing professionals, introduces a new, low-cost Web site design and self-maintenance product that, according to Adventive President Steven E. Bork, "enables schools, school districts, colleges and universities to have a distinctive, professionally-designed Web site that can be maintained by non-technical personnel using unique, built-in design and navigation features. The true cost of a Web site," adds Bork, "is not in setting it up, but in keeping it up-to-date and relevant over the long haul. Web site maintenance can be very expensive, which is why we have created this offering."

This Web site package combines the Internet design and marketing experience of Adventive with the power of a new Web site management solution from Precision Systems Concepts of Schaumburg, IL called enTouch-Suite. enTouch-Suite is built upon the open IBM Lotus Notes Domino® platform, so the user can easily perform Web site maintenance without the burden of having familiarity with, or training in, HTML and other web-authoring technologies. enTouch-Suite is really easy to implement -- right out of the box!

enTouch-Suite features a collaborative workflow design, so input can come from any number of sources. Literally anyone can use Lotus Notes to type in the information and then apply it to Adventive's uniquely designed section templates -- or the user can forego the templates, and simply type the Web site information in Notes, designate where the information should be posted (and for how long), and then e-mail their submission to an assigned site administrator for their approval. If the content is approved, the administrator can immediately post it, or apply it to the specified section template and then post it - instantly, with the click of one button.

For more information on this low-cost Web site package, contact Janet Killen, Adventive Marketing Inc., 417 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Telephone: 847-590-1110 Fax: 847-590-1222.

About Adventive Marketing, Inc.
Adventive Marketing, Inc. is a full-service, B2B marketing communications firm that is equally experienced in both the traditional and non-traditional (online) forms of promotion. Adventive offers its expertise in branding research, planning and implementation; advertising; public relations; collateral development including catalogs and content management; Internet marketing; distribution channel communications; tradeshow programs; direct mail; multi-media presentations; graphic design; event planning and targeted incentive programs. Adventive has nearly 20 years of experience in the B2B arena.

About Precision Systems Concepts
Precision Systems Concepts (PSC) is a professional services firm that specializes in the development of eBusiness tools. PSC developed enTouch-Suite, a Web management solution that enables non-technical personnel to handle all Web site maintenance quickly and easily. enTouch-Suite is part of a complete Web site design and self-maintenance package offered through Adventive Marketing. PSC also has formed partnerships with such firms as IBM®, Lotus®, Microsoft®, Hyperion®, IPNet, IDS-Scheer, WatchGuard®, Cisco Systems®, Adaytum®, Zebra Technologies®, Silvon and CheckPoint™ for various e-Business/e-Commerce solutions.

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