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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - Adventive Marketing, Inc., a full service marketing communications firm based in Arlington Heights, Ill., announces the formation of a new business entity: Adventive Marketing Internet Group. This new Group develops and implements marketing strategies and tactics that help its business-to-business, commercial and institutional customers meet their unique business objectives, using the Internet as the primary communications medium.

Steven E. Bork, president of Adventive Marketing, Inc., sums up the reasons for the formation of the new business unit: "Since our company's inception, we have been involved in the full spectrum of marketing communications activities - including a growing number of Internet actions. Use of the Internet continues to escalate - particularly in the business-to-business arena, and owing to its unprecedented ability to create a direct, live interaction between the customer, its stakeholders and its various publics. This comprehensive tool commands use of a unique set of skills that our new Group effectively brings to the table. They have the ability to fully integrate web activities with traditional marketing strategies, plus they possess a complete understanding of both the technical and business sides of the Internet."

The new Group supports the design, implementation and maintenance of all types of e-business initiatives and has developed some distinctive new marketing tools of its own. They use a unique, strategically potent analytical tool to help customers evaluate their Web site development plans vis-à-vis its competitors. They have developed a distinct and powerful new tool that enables its clients to perform effective online sales, lead management and follow-up. Plus they have engaged in a new content management tool that makes it easy for clients to maintain their own Web sites.

The Internet Group utilizes the considerable design talent and experience of its parent company. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic design, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, market research, lead generation and management, sales collateral, multimedia presentations, public relations and Internet marketing.

For more information on this dynamic new group, please contact Janet Killen, Adventive Marketing Internet Group, 417 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Telephone: 847-590-1110 Fax: 847-590-1222.

About Adventive Marketing Internet Group
Adventive Marketing Internet Group is comprised of a highly specialized team of Internet marketing specialists. The Group's aim is to create valuable, high performance and easy-to-maintain Web sites. Adventive applies its considerable Web site design expertise with a new Web site management tool called enTouch-Suite, enabling schools, school districts, colleges and universities to enjoy a uniquely designed Web site that can be completely self-maintained.

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