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Belden Electronics Division

In years passed, Belden was comprised of three very autonomous divisions — the Cord Division, the Fiber Optic Group and Bulk Wire and Cable - many serving the same markets: OEM, MRO, broadcast, CATV and data communications.

Our charge:
to develop a new brand identity, create a buy-in across the three divisions and to extend this new identity into the channel, where a multitude of mixed Belden messages and identities existed.

Audit & Secondary
Research Findings:

Over the course of the next few months, we interviewed key sales and marketing personnel at the three divisions and conducted a rather extensive search of all available industry, market and competitive information. The audit helped our understanding of the various divisions, their markets and products — plus it gave us a glimpse of the buy-in task at hand. When we augmented the audit with the results of our secondary research gathering efforts, we were able to pinpoint our position/platform messages. These efforts also brought out a clear differentiator: Belden's unique shielding capability.

Our audit and research gathering efforts relative to the distribution channel clearly pointed to the need for a Belden-administered co-op program, where Belden would produce somewhat customizable promotional materials for the distributor (the audit defined the type of materials that the channel wanted) under some very strict and well-monitored guidelines. This way, Belden was able to control its messages and identity in channel promotions.

The Results:
Belden ended up with a complete brand positioning/identity program, brand continuity across division lines/markets and a tight distributor communication system. Belden's identity program was soon reflected in its brochures, catalogs, direct mail pieces, packaging, transportation vehicles, signage, forms and many other media. This solid branding system allowed Belden to maintain brand dominance in an industry proliferated with old and new competitors, and to maximize their value in the market.