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Belden Electronics Division

Belden is a leading manufacturer of wire & cable for a variety of markets, including networking/ communications, entertainment, security/alarm, industrial and residential. Over the last few years, however, Belden has been a bit helter-skelter with their brands: within each market you'll find individual brands for key products and some product subsets, but some markets also have an overall brand identity, others don't.

As a case in point, Belden's Entertainment Group used a sub-brand (Brillianceâ) for its video cables, then as the brand became more known/revered in their key markets they extended the brand to include new audio cables. When looking at the entire line of audio/video cables the question then became: Why are some products Brilliance cables; while others are not? Are Brilliance cables a superior offering?

Our recommendation was to rewrite the brand charter and extend the brand over the entire audio/video offering, using the Belden Brilliance logo on the cable jackets and utilizing the brand logo in a significant way on all promotions.

The Results:
Consistent use of the brand and increased awareness at key targets such as broadcast studios and sports venues (since they specify and use both audio and video cables).