Adventive has created and executed a wide variety of programs for healthcare payers, employers, providers and patients—all incorporating both digital and traditional print components.

To achieve a unique and unified brand messaging strategy across a range of projects we have deployed proven agency processes, top senior-level talent and exceptional creative thinking. The result: attention-getting, branded materials with compelling customer experiences and strong, measurable results. Our healthcare programs have included: webinars, podcasts, email marketing programs, newsletters, brochures, trade show exhibits, trade show promotions, formulary database development and employer communications.

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Direct Marketing Can't Afford To Be Hit Or Miss

Once the mail enters our house, I sort it into 3 piles: handwritten letters, bills and “other stuff”.  I actually read the handwritten notes first, relish in the moment of how nice it is to receive a handwritten note in the mail these days, and then file them away in my “notes” drawer.  The bills, I stack up and then carefully take to my office to open at a later time.  It just doesn’t feel right opening the gas bill and then beginning dinner.  This last pile of “other stuff” gets separated further… magazines and sales catalogs…I like to keep those to look at when

What Does Looking Into Your Eyes Have To Do With High Cholesterol?

The other day I went to my ophthalmologists for my yearly eye exam. You know, to see why my current glasses weren’t working so well anymore and why I have to read books with my arms stretched out about a foot and a half. Before the exam to check for general vision and just after the routine puffs in my eyes to check for glaucoma, I was asked if I wanted to have my eyes dilated or to take this fancy x-ray test. The x-ray test called an optomap retina exam, takes a picture of the back of your eye.


Who Should Care About Preventive Care

I’ve seen lots of drug commercials on TV. There are medications for everything from erectile dysfunction to chronic dry eye to restless leg syndrome. Although, I haven’t seen the restless leg syndrome commercial in a while. I often wonder why there aren’t more commercials about preventing diseases. Not scare tactics like ‘don’t smoke or you will get lung cancer’, but real preventive care commercials.


Open Enrollment - You’re Out of Time, Just Decide

My husband called to let me know that soon it would be Open Enrollment time at his company. Open Enrollment is the period of time employers set up to allow employees to choose from the various health plans available to them. Usually open enrollment covers insurance plans such as health, dental, vision, life, accidental death, short-term disability and long term care. Is it important to make the right choices during open enrollment since it will determine the type of health care you will receive for the next year and how much you will pay for the services you choose.


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