Case Study

New Product Launch - Cherry Electrical Products

Case Study Samples (Click to Enlarge): 
Cherry Electrical Products - Logo (Product Launch)
Cherry Electrical Products - "Actual Size" Direct Mail (Product Launch)
Cherry Electrical Products - Targeted E-mail (Product Launch)
Cherry Electrical Products - Trade Show Booth Pop-up Display (Product Launch)
Cherry Electrical Products - Trade Show Booth Tabletop Display (Product Launch)

Can creativity make a difference?  It can if your concept resonates with the audience.


To launch a new product into the grocery and convenience store POS market—a segment that had been historically weak for Cherry. The strategy needed to capitalize on Cherry’s leadership position in other retail/POS markets and its reputation for high quality products, while creating a measurable impact in market awareness and lead generation in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Scheduled to coincide with  the leading retail/ POS trade show, the product launch utilized a variety of pre-show promotions centered on the “Think Inside The Box” theme. Activities included print and online advertising, an “actual-size” direct mailer, an on-site promo giveaway, and a variety of booth displays. PR initiatives included one-on-one interviews with key editors at the show, the distribution of press kits, and a post-show press release. Post-show advertising included additional print and online insertions and additional press releases were issued as line extensions were introduced.


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